Guidance Session

$200 for 30 minutes

By phone or Skype, Tara guides you through what she is receiving be it visually and/or auditory and explains what is fate and what is freewill for you in certain areas of your life. Tara will speak shortly on any blocks or patterns you may be experiencing and give directions on how to break free from those blocks/patterns to live life with much more peace, ease and confidence. (In person are available depending on Tara’s travel)


Intuitive Counseling/Coaching

$300 for 45 minutes

By phone or Skype, Tara helps you to clearly understand your own internal process of your higher self and ego. She guides you step by step to overcome reoccurring personal struggles and/or obstacles you may be having in life to gain confidence in listening to your own intuition. She will guide you step by step to make the positive changes in your life to co-create a complete make over of the mind, body and spirit. These sessions are also for those who would like to advance their intuitive abilities and use them to the highest of their potential. These sessions are also suitable for business and health. (In person are available depending on Tara’s travel)


Couple Sessions/Coaching

$400 for 1 hour

Tara helps to give great insight into the understanding and the dynamic of the couple’s relationship and how best to communicate with one another depending on each other’s purpose and mission here on earth. Tara focuses on solutions and future possibilities of the best outcome of the relationship and ensures a safe place for both parties to express oneself without judgment along with the highest level of healing for each person in the relationship.


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