16 June 2011,

“When my ego becomes very loud within me I treat it like a child having a tantrum. Are you going to love the child or try to rid yourself of the child as a result of the tantrum? Most would ignore the behavior and then deal with the fact that the child is just looking for attention, your ego is doing the same, and it’s looking for attention. Just as you would say to a child in a tantrum, you would say to your ego “I love you; however, I do not love your behavior. I am going to take three deep breaths and listen to the inner dialogue between my higherself and my ego, giving my ego the attention it is seeking. I do not choose to follow my ego’s guidance, I am however allowing it to do what it was created to do, give me choice and challenge my infinite self.”

Give that exercise a try, so that you may get insight into what need to focus on for your souls purpose.

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