Guided Intuition Connection Audios: Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Ignite YOUR intuitive abilities by using Master Intuitive Tara Taylor’s Guided Intuition Connection audios daily. You participate with Tara Taylor – she’s doing the exercises with you and adding her energy to further enhance YOUR intuitive abilities. In just minutes a day, you’ll feel a stronger, deeper, more automatic connection to, and awareness of, your intuitive gifts.

Each 3 minute audio walks you through simple exercises you must master to deeply connect with your intuitive abilities. Tara pours her energy into these audios to guide you to:

  • Connective breathing so you are open to your higher self
  • Specialized affirmations for each intuitive “language” and for balancing your ego
  • Confirming your connection and ability (a vital step most forget)
  • Collaborative breathing to cement your awareness of your intuitive connection with the Divine

My skin is humming! I feel the blood rushing through my veins. My body is warm – and it’s chilly in my house today. Kinda weird, but I’m loving it. I’m just feeling so much POWER by doing them all at once! Brilliant stuff! I’m so grateful that you created these!

~ Elaine Starling author of “Why 5% Succeed”

Tara has helped thousands of people just like you master their innate intuitive abilities through her speaking engagements, one-on-one sessions and her highly successful “Master Your Intuition In Just 7 days” teleseminar. Let her help you quickly realize your full intuitive guidance with the Guided Intuition Connection audios. (For fastest progress in mastering your intuition, use the Guided Intuition Connection audios every morning and evening for one week, then daily every morning.)

Each person on this earth is born with at least one intuitive ability! We have just forgotten how to tap into this amazing ability that we all have. That is why Tara created an audio for each of the main four intuitive abilities:

  • Clairsentience Connection Audio (The Feeler)
  • Clairaudience Connection Audio (The Hearer)
  • Clairvoyance Connection Audio (The Seer)
  • Claircognizance Connection Audio (The Knower)

***Energy Secret: Tara’s dominant intuitive ability is clairvoyance (“seeing”). Tara was so amped by her own guidance as she created these audios that it comes through loud and clear in the audio. There are no special effects – just the natural audio impact caused by Tara’s masterful intuitive abilities. She also designed the Clairvoyance audio slightly differently to harness the energy of the connection between the physical eye and the third eye. Very powerful stuff!!***

Tara believes strongly that to create the best connection with YOUR intuition, you must understand and balance your ego. That is why Tara also created a very POWERFUL daily audio to Balance Your Ego along with the main four intuitive ability audios.

Four Guided Intuition Connection audios PLUS Balance Your Ego audio for only $35

Once you have Mastered your main intuitive ability, YOU can also use the other audios to create a strong connection with one of the other intuitive abilities you have always been intrigued by.

For just $35 you will receive the Four Guided Intuition Connection audios PLUS Balance Your Ego audio!

It is really that simple! And Tara has dedicated herself to perfecting the SIMPLIST way for YOU to create a deeper and clearer intuitive connection.

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