NOW AVAILABLE: “Master Your Intuition in Just 7 Days” is ready to download!!!

Do YOU want to trust the messages you are receiving on a daily basis with confidence?

Do YOU wish you could have complete faith in the guidance that comes to you when you are asking the Divine for help?

Internationally renowned intuitive counselor, Tara Taylor is going to teach YOU her secrets on HOW to create a clearer connection with your intuition in just 7 days.

Tara is sought out world wide for her abilities to give crystal clear guidance from the Divine, and Tara amazingly is going to share HOW she does just that.

For years I have been using Tara’s guidance on how to master my own intuition and it has guided me to some of the most profitable business ventures of my career. Do you want to be more confident, at peace and learn how to trust your own intuition? Look no further this course is for you!

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

In the Spring of 2011, Tara recorded her LIVE teleseminar on HOW to Master Your Intuition. NOW you have the ability to download the whole course to listen and learn whenever you want!!

The recording is full of amazing information. Your explanation of the Ego is the most profound information on the Ego I have ever heard and I love it. It makes perfect sense. So amazing!”


buynowTara’s rates are $400 an hour and you will be amazed at how low of an investment you could be making….

$400 nope
$250 nada
$150 absolutely not!

Just $99…WOW!!!!

Why is this amazing course only $99?

Tara feels strongly about helping others and by sharing these tools through a downloadable program at a special rate, Tara is able to share these abilities without daily time limitations. This investment in yourself will allow you to discover the gifts within you.

“After taking your advice, in a very short period of time, my life began to change for the better improving all areas of my life but most importantly my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional states.”


Here are a few things You will realize:

  • Everyone is born with at least one intuitive ability
  • Discover which of the “main four” intuitive abilities is your strongest: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and/or claircognizance
  • How to know if you are hearing your intuitive voice or your ego voice
  • Proven breathing techniques to strengthen your connection RIGHT NOW
  • How to receive physical messages and the reassurance to stop questioning the guidance you have been given from the divine
  • To become completely confident in your intuitive abilities
  • Two second affirmations to keep that clear communication to be “in tune” immediately
  • The secrets to Tara’s tools, her 7 simple steps that keep you sharp and connected.

She has given me some great tools for letting go of the past and to stop worrying about the future!


An added Bonus:

Tara also shares how to use the “three signs” exercise for your own accuracy in your intuition.

If you are ready to create a better bond with your intuition that will be easy, simple and life changing, this course is for YOU!

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