1 June 2012,

More than anything else, Indigo Russell longs to fit in. And if she can’t accomplish that, then she’ll settle for fading into the background, which she’s managed to do rather well over the last couple of years. To most of Ridgemont High, she’s just another teenager walking the halls, doodling in her notebook during class, never raising her hand. An average student. That’s what she’d like you to think.

But Indie isn’t average; she’s different. She has visions, visions that allow her to see into the future and back again. Only her family and best friend, Lacey, know about them. But when she sees Lacey’s boyfriend with another girl, Indie has to decide whether to trust her instincts or her friends. As she grows closer with John, an enigmatic loner who recently transferred to her school, the visions intensify, threatening not only to alter the lives of others, but also to expose her well-kept secret.

This book is unique because, while all plot lines and many supporting characters are fictional, the main character (Indigo Russell/Tara Taylor) is based on fact, and her thoughts, feelings and childhood memories are real life. Through Indigo’s Eyes has romance, suspense and teenage growing pains and is meant to entertain, but it also has the truth that real people do have intuitive experiences and that there is an afterlife. Yes, this series will entertain but it will also help people embrace their intuitive sides. It will be read by fiction readers who loved the Twilight series, and also non-fiction readers who are seeking to know the truth about Intuitives/Psychics.

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