Tara TaylorTara Taylor’s sessions are a form of spiritual counseling. Tara uses her natural
intuitive abilities to connect with your heavenly helper, and delivers messages
from them, that are specifically for you. Tara’s intuition is always loving,
empowering and uplifting. Tara may help you see more clearly what choices are
available to you and what each choice might involve. We create our own reality
with our thoughts and free will choices.

Tara’s intentions are always to bring Healing, Love and Light
to those who receive her services. The words given during a session are
not intended to replace professional advice. Neither Tara nor White Light
Wellness will be held legally or financially responsible for any decisions made as
a result of receiving a reading or coaching. A reading or coaching is intended
as loving advice only – each person is responsible for his/her actions in life.
Purchasing a session or sessions with Tara acknowledges acceptance of this

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